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What is your request to God?

David asked God for four things, see what they were...

Create in me clean heart, O God, And renew in me a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your presence, And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. (Psalm 51.10-11)

David asked God four things:

1) Create in him a clean heart, that is, a heart without malice, evil intentions, deceit, pride, vanities, carnal inclinations, etc.

2) Renew a righteous spirit, because his attitudes were not of a dignified, honorable and sensible person, after all, he acted with cunning to hide his adultery, and the worst, projected the death of an innocent.

3) Not to cast him away of His presence, which meant not rejecting him for his iniquity. He knew that the Presence of God in his life had made him king of Israel and given him many victories over his enemies. Without God, his title of king was useless.

4) Not taking the Holy Spirit away from him! David was aware that his true wealth was not his gold, his silver and his precious stones; nor, the conquered lands, palace and army.

His greatest wealth was the Spirit of God, which came upon him on the day the prophet Samuel anointed him with holy oil. If he lost Him, he would be nothing more than a mere spiritual beggar living in a palace, with a king's crown.

Bishop Edir Macedo


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