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Encounter with God

Our 10am Sunday morning services are not your average religious ceremonies that are attended for convenience. These Sunday meetings aim to help people connect with God, to empower people and teach them how to use their faith to achieve what they want in their lives. All are welcome regardless of age, gender, background or beliefs. We also have other meetings happening throughout the day with a service at 7 am and 4pm, as well as a special Bible Study, The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul, at 6pm.

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We have services during the week at 7am, 10am, 12nn, 3pm, 5pm and 7:30pm (Main Service).

*Time schedule in Branches may vary.



UCKG Building (former Quezon Cinema)

Araneta City - Cubao

Quezon City - 1109

Metro Manila - Philippines

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Tel: (02) 4390046

Mobile: 0919 991 8307


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