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'Where the deceit begins'

The great apostasy we are experiencing today is already described in the Bible in the smallest detail. A little spiritual discernment is enough to understand the devil's performance, not only in the world, but mainly within the churches.

Not all people realize this, because most people only have an ordinary vision at the day-to-day events. It is those born of God who walk in the Spirit who have the supernatural gaze to discern how Satan works and traps.

“NOW the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron,” I Timothy 4.1-2

The biblical text says that Christians turned away from the faith by listening to the doctrines of demons, so two points deserve to be highlighted.

First: “listening”. Deceit begins with what is heard. As in Eden, Satan spoke to Eve, and only after hearing those words, the woman bought the idea and saw that the "fruit was good and pleasing to the eye".

Just as faith comes by hearing God’s Word, demonic action in a person's life begins with the ears.

Let us then be attentive to the speaker and what he speaks.

Are you sure that the person you hear speaks through God’s Spirit? We need to know this, because there is no middle ground, or someone is used by God, or the devil.

Second: "doctrines of demons". The word doctrine has the meaning of teaching, so Satan uses the Bible to "teach" the distorted Word. And he does this through some who are apparently God, however, are hypocritical people and who "speak lies, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron;"

Therefore, we cannot listen to anyone who preaches the Bible. In the last days many will preach another "Jesus", and another "Gospel", which has nothing to do with true Christianity.

Demonic doctrine is marked by the facilities that make the path spacious and the door wide, when the Lord Jesus spoke just the opposite. The false teaching of the Scriptures distorts the true meaning of God's grace. As if God demanded nothing in return for the salvation of our soul. God's grace leads us to a commitment to Him, which implies renouncing our own wills and giving our whole being on His Altar with sincerity.

The devil has his special envoys, and they are not used to deceive unbelievers, as they are already in spiritual blindness. The worst demons work to turn the children of God away from faith.

Ang masama ay may espesyal na mga utusan, at hindi sila ginagamit para linlangin ang mga hindi naniniwala dahil sila ay bulag na espiritwal. Ang pinakamasamang demonyo ay nagtatrabaho para ilayo ang mga anak ng Diyos sa kanilang pananampalataya.

That is why we know so many sincere and fearful people that, by listening to evil, they defiled their conscience and today they have it seared to hear the truth that set free. They have lost their sensibility in such a way that nothing that is preached breaks their heart.

So, let us watch our ears, for life or death can enter through them!

Bishop Domingos Siqueira


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