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When the plane is going to crash, even the atheist shouts “my God”

When the plane is going to crash, even the atheist shouts “my God”. By this I mean that necessity is the mother of invention and faith. It provokes faith in people because when we are up against the wall and with a knife at our throat, we have to find a way out. Currently, the situation is chaotic and worrying. People don't get a job. Whoever wants to work cannot. Anyone who wants to give a job cannot. Whoever wants to open the doors, cannot. People's incomes are drying up and the government is trying to resolve the pandemic situation. You, who are there thinking about what you are going to do with your life, instead of despairing, take advantage of the difficult circumstances to stimulate faith and creativity.

When we are looking for a way out, the Spirit of God gives the direction and shows a path that we had not thought of. If you let despair take over your life, if you give in to the problem, then everything will fall apart. However, if you are willing to realize that the difficult situation is an opportunity, God will show you not only one, but many paths.

The people were there, facing the Red Sea. Moses was leading the Israelites who had just left Egypt. It was mountain to the left, mountain to the right and there was nowhere to run. Moses cried out, "Lord, what am I going to do?" And God said, "what do you have in your hand?" Why did God ask this question? In the hand of Moses was the rod that he had used more than ten times to work wonders. The question was a way of reminding Moses of all that God had already done for him. God said, "Tell the people to go forward." That is the Word that God is saying to you: get up, take your faithful rod, go ahead and believe in Him who is with you. God is going to give direction, but don't sit around waiting for Him to come down from heaven. You will take advantage of the situation and awaken creativity to overcome restrictions and learn to make money without doing anything illegal and without doing anything that compromises your integrity. Moses was holding the rod the whole time, but he didn't realize that the solution was in his hands. Go forward my friend, the sea will part.

Bishop Renato Cardoso


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