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'The Door of the Holy Spirit'

Jesus said: I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. (John 10:9)

Those who truly go through the Door – who is the Lord Jesus – consequently reach the Holy Spirit.

It is impossible to go through this Door and continue in the same life, and without the Holy Spirit.

Every door separates rooms. If the Holy Spirit has still not been given to a person, it is because they have still not gone through the Door.

There is no way of going through a door only half-way, just as there is no way of going through Jesus only half-way. That is why the Holy Spirit is only given by the Lord Jesus when we go through Him a hundred per cent.

What about you? Have you gone through this Door or are you still outside?

Go through with all your strength – body, soul and spirit – and you will find the Holy Spirit just after the Door.

Bishop André Cajeu


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