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Sacrificing Sin vs Sacrificing Desires

When a person is converting, their first steps are to sacrifice their sins.

If they were the type of person who would sleep with their boy/girlfriend or fool around with them they would immediately stop doing so.

If they would send nudes, post vulgar pictures on their social media to draw attention to their body, they would stop doing so.

If they listened to funk or any type of music that would promote sensuality, depression, greed, rebellion and violence, they would no longer do so.

In conclusion, they would sacrifice any and all their sinful habits.

But, think about it, all these sacrifices we make to God actually do us good, as well as protecting us from many problems, including those we may have collected before meeting the Lord Jesus.

Therefore, when we sacrifice our sins, we are actually doing ourselves a favour.

Many Christians stop there and like to say that they’ve already sacrificed their lives to God… (even though they are the ones who gained from doing so). That's why there are Christians and Christians.

Only the Christian who, after having sacrificed their sins, also sacrifices THEIR DREAMS, WISHES, FUTURE and WILL are the ones who really sacrificed their lives to God. These are the ones who are blessed with the Holy Spirit!

These are the ones who lose their lives in this world to gain the Kingdom of Heaven.

These are true SERVANTS, because they do not use faith, but serve God through it.

Cristiane Cardoso


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