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Perseverance and the timeline of your Life: Learn

Everyone knows that perseverance is a necessary quality for success, but practicing it is not so simple. When you look at the great achievements in the world (inventions, victories in sport, business, medicine and science), you will find a person who persevered in the pursuit of that goal. This perseverance was usually marked by mismatches, failures and barriers, but this perseverance was greater than the obstacles.

You are living a timeline: time passes (the days, the weeks, the months and the years). It will pass, no matter what you think or do. So why not make the most of this time by striving for a goal? Perseverance is a matter of intelligence. Sometimes, the person gives up after five, ten, 15 years of marriage. He follows another path, but he needs to deal with his children, the division of assets, loneliness or the resumption of a love life, that is, he will have to continue to make efforts. Sometimes, you have a business and give up because you invested money and lost or did not have the expected result. You give up when, in fact, if you would insist more, applying the lessons learned from failure, you would be more likely to succeed. Persevering requires almost the same effort as giving up. You will go through struggles, whether you persevere or give up. If you will have a chance of a better opportunity for something that makes your effort worthwhile, why give up?

Following God and persevering in the Faith is difficult, isn't it? Jesus said: " But he who endures to the end shall be saved" (Matthew 24.13) and that " By your patience possess your souls" (Luke 21.19). Perseverance is linked to Salvation and vice versa. When a person gives up on the Faith because he stumbled and discouraged, shame arises. It would take an effort to get up and continue in the Faith, but the person did not make an effort, because he thought that would be too much. Then he traded the light burden of Jesus for the burden of the devil. We are all subject to time and, because of it, we have to make efforts. Use your intelligence: if you have to persevere, whether for good or for bad, why not choose what will be worthwhile and which will bring the result you desire?

Bishop Renato Cardoso


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