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I was suffering with cyst, kidney stone and depression

I was depressed and full of diseases in my body that when I received a flyer that says “Life Changing Flyer Service” I came to attend without thinking twice.


It was 2002 when my husband died and since that moment on, I cannot move on with my life that I fell into depression. It was a painful memory that I cannot erase and sadness made me stay at home and not hope for good days anymore. I also had thyroid and kidney problems and a migraine that I had acquired since I was a youth. I would vomit, feel sick and faint because of the pain I feel whenever this migraine starts.

I came to the church and attended a Sunday service. I continued coming because I felt different whenever I am in God’s house. I can fell the security and peace that I do not have in me. Months after, I was able to bring my family with me. It was through chain of prayers that I received my healing from migraine, thyroid and kidney problem. I took every opportunity I could to use my faith and I got completely healed. My depression ended gradually because there were a lot of resentments inside of me that needs to be removed and I had to make new choices based from what God is telling me.

After a year in the church, I found out that I have a cyst in my breast. The doctor advised me to undergo an operation for it to be removed because it was 5cm in size already. It was really painful and there would be mucus coming out of it that it was even terrible for me to see. But with faith, nothing is impossible. And that’s what indeed happened; I received my healing, the pain ceased, the swelling and the mucus stopped coming and it returned into how it was before.

But above all, God gave me His Spirit to carry out His work of saving souls. He healed me and transformed my inner being so that I could be a living testimony. Today, I am an assistant and living a healthy and blessed life.

Nene Ferrer


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