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'It is not difficult to do what is right'

It is difficult to persevere doing what is right ... Understand in this reflection

It is not difficult to do what is right. It is difficult to persevere in doing what is right. That is why the Lord Jesus said to the churches of the Apocalypse: "To him who overcomes..."

Only those who persevere will overcome.

There is no point in being well today, if tomorrow you are no longer.

It is no use being faithful for many years, if one day you will be unfaithful.

It is no use serving God today, if one day you will no longer serve Him.

How to know, how to avoid such a personal tragedy? Do not trust yourself. Don't just get away from evil, run away from its appearance!

The Holy Spirit is perseverance. If that is missing from you one day, it is likely that He is no longer with you or is about to leave at any moment.

Mrs. Cristiane Cardoso


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