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I used to be always sick

I used to be always sick. So often that there has never been a month that I felt okay. This is how I am before coming to the church.

I would always end up in the hospital and would feel weak because I don’t want to continue living in that way. I cried almost every night whenever I am alone because of all the negative thoughts that attacks my mind. I wanted to die so that I could not feel the pain anymore but I didn’t have the courage to kill myself.

My situation got even worse when I found out that I am positive to H-Pylori or commonly known as Ulcer. Everyday got worse for me because I could not concentrate on my work and would always feel down.

Knowing my condition, my sister would always invite me to the church but I would always be stubborn and not come. Until one day I decided to look for the location of the church when I had my day-off. I entered the house of God and immediately I felt like crying. I joined the service and it was such a relief because I surrendered all the burdens and heaviness that I am carrying inside through that prayer. I am so tired of being sick, this is what I told the pastor and I wanted to be completely healed.

The pastor told me to make a Chain of Prayer for my healing and I did it. I received my complete healing even before the chain of prayer ended. My faith was awakened and my body was transformed. But I understood that I needed the Holy Spirit to complete the transformation. I joined campaign after campaigns for my spiritual life. I gave myself, my worries, all the aspects of my life and God baptized me with His Spirit.

Today, I am full of peace. And I wanted to glorify God through my life by letting other people know about His Word. I found great reasons to live!

Retchel Ancheta

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Keep it up.. I'm happy for your strong and courageous, our goul is to save souls..

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