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Greater riches

Life used to be very difficult for me before. I faced a lot of problems even though I have a bachelor’s degree. I would try to conquer good jobs but it would eventually end by being fired. Because of continuously failing, I developed a bad attitude of not aiming for something better even though I know I can make things better.

Everything started to work out when I learned the way of faith in the Universal Church. I started to apply what I was learning and began to set better goals for myself. I became faithful in my tithes and offerings which opened ways and gave me vision for a great future that God wants for me.

God changed the situation of my sugar cane business which faced a lot of struggles and disorganization before caused by people working for me. I used to rent the land where we plant our crops before but God gave me the capacity to be able to buy it and own a 16-hectare land today. Things didn’t stop there, God gave me an idea to start selling pigs. We started the piggery with 20 pigs and it is growing, we currently have 55 pigs in the pig pen. Our Calamansi business also grew even more that today we are the supplier for the main restaurants of Bacolod Chicken Inasal in Bacolod City.

Despite all this, the greatest blessing that God gave me was the Holy Spirit. Because of Him, I have a blessed marriage and a happy family. He provides everything we need and we don’t lack anything. Through His Word, I came to know God’s greatness and because I obeyed His direction in everything, the impossible became possible!

Kris Lopez


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