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Bankruptcy and broken family

My family is the living evidence that God exists. I was found by Him when I sought Him in my life.


We already lost everything, so much so that I also lost my marriage brought by the bankruptcy that we suffered. My husband disregarded us as he only focused on how to solve the problem while I ended up depressed and without any hope for our future. I was crying every day and even more when he left the house leaving me and his children behind without any condition to live even up to our basic needs. There was no help available for me and my children. I didn't have a job and my children just finished college so we were merely surviving. The worst for me was having no house and had to live under the roof of other people.

It was sad. I can only wish for my husband to come back, for my family to be together again, but I cannot do anything.

Things turned around when I found the One who can indeed help me and give me hope once again. I reached a point in my life wherein I needed miracles for me to believe again, and that's exactly what God has shown me. I fought for my husband to come back, and God made him come back. It was a shock because I only wished for this moment and I saw right before my eyes how he started changing and took over the place as the head of the family once again. I was also able to establish a simple business and it grew bigger and better each day because God was blessing it. I am today a businesswoman with a big scale business because He made the success possible for me. All of the things that I fought with God came into reality because of my faith. I used my faith to bring my problems down and to rise above circumstances no matter how big or small it is.

Today my family is united. Every single day is a blessing seeing my marriage getting better and better. My children are successful in their careers and they have a happy family under God's direction. We have a beautiful house that I never imagined to have but God provided for us. My family doesn't lack anything anymore, we can eat the food we want to and buy the things we need to. But most importantly is that my family is now a family based on how God wants it to be. What His Word says about a family is what we are living today.

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