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My biggest suffering is the cyst that I have

Before I came to the Universal Church my life was a mess. I am depressed and had no peace. Aside from that, I had a cyst in my breast that needs to be operated according to the doctor. I cannot understand why these things are happening in my life when I am always going to church and even became worse.

It was through a friend that I got to know about the Universal Church. I received the newspaper of the church and the testimonies that I read in it convinced me to come because as I saw people getting healed and being blessed, I believed that it is also possible for me and had the assurance that it’s a place that can help me solve the messy life that I have. When I came, the pastor talked to me and I told him that my biggest suffering is the cyst that I have. He then told me to go to the Altar and surrender everything that I have inside of me including my sickness. I came to the Altar like it was the last option that I have which indeed is the best decision that I made.

Today, I am healed and delivered because I took the right decision to come to the Altar and be faithful to God.

Cheryl Ambojnon


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