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From Misery to unfolding of Blessings

Before coming to the Universal Church my life was miserable. I am depressed, had suicidal thoughts and was a victim of evil forces. I used to be a very rebellious and impatient person.

Me and my family members had a health problem in the blood and would always be sick. Because of this health issue, I would always see doctors in different fields of specialization even faith healers. The hospital was my second home but staying there didn’t make my condition better; I wasn’t healed instead my health deteriorated. Half of my body was paralyzed and I was having heavy menstruation for 2 months though I'm not certain if it indeed is my cycle or I was bleeding.

Sometimes, my mind would black out and I would not even remember what had happened. I can't swallow food and any medicine and this made my body weak. Because of these problems, I lost the will and the hope to live longer so I tried to kill myself to end my agony because I can't bear the pain of suffering anymore.

At that time, a friend of mine invited me to attend the Anointing Oil event back in 2017. I said yes to her even though I was hesitant because my body was too weak. So I thought "how could I go like this?” But I made up my mind and went ahead because I want my healing, I was even able to walk from my place to the church. During the service, the pastor asked the people who are sick to step forward. I went in front and he anointed me with the Anointing oil and made a prayer for us. After the prayer, I felt relieved and my bleeding stopped immediately. Because of this, I decided to continue attending the services.

I learned a lot of things most especially about faith through the services. I listened to what the servant of God is saying and practiced what I've heard in my life. I started to honor God through my offerings and be faithful in my tithes. I learned about sacrifices and the importance of being humble. I learned to forgive those people who have hurt me even though it wasn't easy. I did it because I wanted to please God. These things were not taught by my parents nor in school or in the university I went to. I acquired these learning's from the church and because of my obedience, blessings started to unfold in my life.

Today, I am totally healed and I am no longer dependent on any kind of medicine. I’m free from depression and I don't have suicidal thoughts anymore. I have peace and happiness inside of me, and I can sleep well at night which is a great blessing.

My strength comes from the Holy Spirit, my vitamins are the Words of God and my daily medicine is my faith.

Zenaida Sison


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