Via Dolorosa - Slide Branches.png

According to the Collins Dictionary, Via Dolorosa is “an arduous or distressing course.” It could be translated as “Painful Route.” Located in Jerusalem, Israel, it is the route that Jesus Christ followed from the place where He was condemned to the Calvary, where He was crucified. It was there that the Lord began His walk of victory over all forces of evil. He suffered a lot of pain so we don’t need to suffer it anymore.

In this faith, on Friday 21 January, we started the new  Chain of Prayer: Via Dolorosa, which will continue every Friday in all Universal Churches nationwide. If you are walking through a painful route and would like to be free, this purpose is for you. Join us to put your faith in action so you can be empowered to change this situation.

Event: “Via Dolorosa” Chain of Prayer
Day: Every Friday at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am,12nn, 3pm and 5pm)
Location: Your local Universal Church