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Where does your anointing come from?

And the Lord said to Samuel, “Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, BUT THEY REJECTED ME, THAT I SHOULD NOT REIGN OVER THEM...” 1 Samuel 8.7
Then Samuel took a FLASK of OIL and poured it on his head... “1 Samuel 10.1
Now the Lord said to Samuel… FILL YOUR HORN with OIL and go; I am sending you to Jesse the Bethlehemite. For I HAVE PROVIDED MYSELF a KING among his sons.” 1 Samuel 16.1

It is clear that Saul's anointing was due to the insistence, choice and stubbornness of a people who had rejected God.

When David was anointed, we can see that God provided for HIM a King, who would serve Him on earth.

The difference with the vase is that it breaks easily, because without the ONLY direction of God, of the Holy Spirit, your EGO will overlap with the anointing received, to serve in your vanities and your WILLS.

David was anointed with the horn, that is, he would represent God’s AUTHORITY on earth, but there was a difference: God made a point of preparing him, practically throughout his life, in addition to having to live almost always in the desert “fleeing” from Saul, that is, depending 100% on God. David had to learn to deal with the human heart, like Saul's “love-hate”.

Is it little to do good to those who wish you harm? Certainly not! And what a lesson for us! For there will always be more those who want to see the fall of the Universal Church, more and more those who want to “kill” the one who was anointed by God to save and take on a daily war against God's direct adversary: ​​the devil, the father of lie, the deceiver!

The palace is not a place of happiness, because Saul lived in it with a spirit that tormented him, but God allowed Saul on David's path to prepare him to learn to reign and serve others!

Being as king of a nation does not mean that he is more important or special to God, but the PLACE in which the king (church) stands before God, that is, his relationship, his intimacy, his DEPENDENCE on God that's what really matters to the Most High!

And what will be your choice?

Under the oil of the vase (own wills) or the oil of the horn (God's will)?

In the palace, letting the wolves devour the flock and yourself or in the desert, taking care of yourself and each sheep so that none are lost?

The oil, the anointing, seems to be the same, but the intention that carries the oil is what will always make all the difference!

Let us take care of the roots of our heart and not of its appearance!


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