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The Great Distribution of the Blessed OiI

From Mount Hermon

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The Great Distribution of the Holy Oil Event was conducted successfully on Sunday, February 20 in all the branches of the UCKG in the Philippines. As people came to receive the oil from Israel and were then taught on how to use it with faith, numerous people instantly saw results and miracles after the prayer. 

Furthermore, aside from having their health restored, their families and finances blessed, the topic about eternal life was emphasized, explaining that the holy oil could aid us with the physical problems we have such as sickness, but only God can give us eternal life, which depends on the deeds we have planted here on earth. If it was a good deed, we’ll reap what is good and vice versa. 

“God is indeed good, but not all the time.” - one of the phrases Pastor Alex Borges, head pastor of the UCKG in the Philippines, stated during the meeting. He explained further that before considering God as the God of love, peace, etc., He is the God of Justice, and that if we plant what is good, obeying His Words, He will certainly be good. But if we disobey, He will have to let us suffer the consequences of our choices. 

Pastor Alex concluded the meeting explaining that people have all the chances in the world to come back to God as long they are alive, and that He is the God of mercy. But once a person dies and his soul leaves his body, he will be held accountable to every choice he had made on earth and God will only have to be just.  

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