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No more breast cancer!

It was 2016 when I found out that I have breast cancer. “Malignant Tumor Cells” was the result I got from a biopsy test I had after finding out first that it was benign. It all started with a pain I felt in my chest. I did not see it as something serious so I only went to the doctor to check what could be the reason behind the pain when it became unbearable.

I was advised to by the doctor to undergo an operation but I did not do it because inside of me I believed that because God is the one who gave me life, then He will be the one to give me my healing. I took a lot of medicine to try and make my condition better, but nothing changed. I even undergone chemotherapy that made me lose all of my hair. I had to wear a bonnet and mask all the time to protect myself.

Even though I had all of these problems and worries in my life, I was able to make it with the help of God. I did pray for my condition to get better many times, but it was my faith who made me move mountains. My faith made me believe in the impossible, made me see what God wants me to see and continuously fight because I have the certainty that I will receive my healing.

And today, I am guaranteed healed from breast cancer. I recently took laboratory exams to know my condition. The primary tests which is mostly about blood showed that I am all cleared. I took another set of tests once again and it is all cleared. I received my complete healing not just because I believed in God but because of my faith putted into action. I did not give up because things were hard that’s why my life today is blessed!

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