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A life without limits

Full of limits. That’s how I would describe my life before I came to know the power of faith.

I didn’t have a dream and lives with this attitude of just going with the flow since I am still young. My family struggled a lot financially and I experienced lacking food at home. The place where we live was terrible and we were merely surviving. My family was a mess and I had hatred towards my father for many years.

I was surrounded by friends but would always feel empty. I never really confronted these issues since I only knew how to hide, cry and allow these problems to take control of my life.

I had nothing to lose. So when my friend invited me to come to the Universal Church, I committed myself 100% and obeyed what the Word of God was saying. I learned about faithfulness through tithes and offerings and reaped good results by testing His Word. When I started to get out of my comfort zone, that’s when great things started to happen.

Today, I have a coaching business. God gave me wisdom to coach degree holders even though I myself didn’t have one. Engineers, doctors and many others hire me to listen to my advice on how they can grow financially. I am currently the CEO of my own company having people working under me. I was also able to publish books and currently have investments. Nowadays, I have my own three-story house where we don’t need to squeeze in order to fit.

I was able to conquer and establish because God gave to me the greatest blessing of all, the Holy Spirit. An inner change has to happen inside of me first in order for the things on the outside to flourish. Because of this, I was able to forgive my father and have a good relationship with my half-sisters. When before I used to come to church alone, today my family comes with me and is faithful to God as well.

Marife Rosas


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